20 Batmans Vs Bane Epic Flash Mob In Nyc

Download link: 20 BATMANS Vs BANE: EPIC FLASH MOB IN NYC!.mp3

When Bane shows up to destroy Gotham again, one Batman isn't enough, but what about 20 DANCING Batmans? Join us in this epic experience, taking the people of NYC by surprise as they are flash mobbed by Gotham's finest.

Special Thanks to Carnegie Mellon University for letting us film in the same location as in Dark Knight Rises, and to all of our friends and family who worked hard with us on this epic masterpiece!! Thanks to Midtown Comics for their awesome staff! And thanks to the great city of New York!!

The Super Zeros: Life is too short to grow up. Go from zeros to heroes- a rowdy bunch of ordinary people with extraordinary imaginations-bringing them to life with an extra touch of rudeness

Music credits

"Funk Trunk" & "Fast Forward" by insan3lik3
"Future Gladiator" by Kevin MacLeod
Jingle Punks
"Nu-Raver" by Beatsuite
"Robot Race" by Senbei

Thumbnail by epic Rob Powell!:
All fictional characters represented via this parody are owned by their own respective creators.

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