Erb Fanmade Behind The Scenes Guy Fawkes Vs The Joker

Download link: ERB Fanmade - Behind The Scenes - Guy Fawkes Vs The Joker.mp3

Original Battle :

This is the behind the scenes of our fanmade Epic Rap Battle of History,
inspired by the awesome work of
Nicepeter ( )
and EpicLloyd ( ).

Original Rap Battles available here :
Go check them out, they're making an amazing job.

Even though we're not professionals, this video wouldn't be there without the work and talent of various people.


Guy Fawkes : Robin

The Joker : ZefSide


Rap Battle written by Robin and ZefSide.

Beats produced by Allrounda (Nicholas Scholtes) :

Audio Mixed by Robin.

Editing and compositing by the IBREC Production :
He's doing such an epic job that you can also check his youtube channel :

Background Design by Florian Salomez :

Makeup and Hair by Tracy Vincent :

Costumes kindly provided by ZefSide's closet.

Thank you all for watching, we hope you enjoyed it !

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