Erb Reaction Mashup J R R Tolkien Vs George R R Martin

Download link: (ERB Reaction Mashup) J. R. R. Tolkien Vs George R. R. Martin.mp3

Finally a new ERB… and a good one as well. This video includes 9 reactors with a total of 11 people reacting. Since the ERB only came out around 3 days ago, I grabbed whatever I could find on the front page. It seems enough to me. (Click more)

Original video-

The Reactors (From order the video played them out):
Global ComedyTwo--->
Akasan (Reacts)--->
JOKESTER 2Funny--->

As always I do not wish to infringe any copyright or plagiarism as I do not own the music or the videos. If you are a reactor featured in this video, you are free to monetize this video if you can. I do not monetize any of my videos.

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