Eyeless Jack Vs Laughing Jack Epic Rap Battle Parodies

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Welcome to Epic Rap Battle Parodies. Today’s battle brings back lovable previous rapper and creepypasta Eyeless Jack battling against clown creepypasta Laughing Jack. But are they alone? Find out in this Creepypasta extravaganza rap battle. | | +ERBParodies |

-The ERBParodies Crew

▼ CAST ▼

Eyeless Jack: LazySundayPaper (audio) / Justin Buckner (video)

Laughing Jack: Kevin Krust

The Observer: WoodenHornets

Ticci Toby: Nathan Provost

Herobrine: VideoGameRapBattles (audio) / TheSuperPlushyBros (video)

Midnight Game Chorus: MCGamingFtW

The Midnight Man: HarryPotter2875 (audio) / Justin Buckner (video)

Richard Van Buran: Emo Owl (audio) / Justin Buckner (video)

SCP-087: Justin Buckner

SCP-106: CeKeFe (audio) / TheSuperPlushyBros (video)

The Rake: MCGamingFtW (audio) / TheSuperPlushyBros (video)

The Skin Taker: DarkLink4749

Pirate Percy: Frenzy

Horrace Horrible: Kyenza Cartoons (audio) / Justin Buckner (video)

BOB: Stofferex (audio) / Froggy (video)

Grey Man: Mat4yo

UBOA: Epic Pokemon Rap Battles

Polybius: DH Films

BRVR: Justin Buckner

Happy Appy: Froggy

Creepy Luna: PinkiesCupcake

CreepyBloom: Justin Buckner

Sally: RandomBronyWhovian (audio) / Miss4yo (video)

MARIO: SuperThingsOnCups

Dead Bart: Mat4yo (audio) / Froggy (video)

Tails Doll: WoodenHornets

sonic.exe: Niko Raimont

The Galaxy's Planet Named Z: TheWuzShadyFilmMaker

WHO WAS PHONE?: Justin Buckner

Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv: HarryPotter2875 (audio) / KGBronies (video)

Russian Sleep Experiment: Mancha (audio) / Justin Buckner (video)

Habit: B-Lo-Lorbes

Squidward’s Suicide: Justin Buckner

SuicideMouse.avi & Abandoned By Disney: WoodenHornets

Evil Otto: RLYoshi


James: tankrulez615

Murder Victim: Vincent Otake

Murder Victim #2: LStarAnimationz

Walt Disney: TheSuperPlushyBros

Froggy as Kurt Cobain

Zander Peers as Murder Victim #3

▼ CREW ▼
Created by: Justin Buckner, Nathan Provost and Zander Kanack

Written by: Justin Buckner, Nathan Provost, WoodenHornets, Froggy, MultiSuperVids, Meatholl, Fapton, Niko Raimont, B-Lo-Lorbes, Mat4yo, HarryPotter2875, SuperThingsOnCups, CeKeFe, THEWUZSHADYFILMMAKER, RandomBronyWhovian, LazySundayPaper, DHFilms, Frenzy, MCGamingFtW and Mancha

Beats Produced by: ?, Kustom Made Productions, DetachmentBeats, EDXBeats, fradesprod, Allrounda, GettsBeats, Ear 2 Tha Beat, ?, ?, ?, Raisi K., ?, ?, ?, ?, 2Deep, ?, Mavrick Pop Beats, The Unbeatables

Battle Mixed by: WoodenHornets and JustinMikeBuckner

Edited and Backgrounds Modeled by: WoodenHornets and JustinMikebuckner

Subtitles by: Justin Buckner

-The ERBP crew

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