Jimmy Fallon Twerks On Will Smith Evolution Of Hip Hop Dancing Tonight Show Video

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Will Smith pays homage to Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Jimmy Fallon twerks in "Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing" skit on the first Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! One word: overalls. What's good this is ClevverMusic guys! Where the heck has Will Smith been? Apparently preparing for his epic comeback as Jimmy Fallon's first Tonight Show guest. Aside from offering Jimmy advice on dealing with the pressure of fame, the guys did this rad hip hop dancing montage in one shoulder overalls and Timbaland boots. First, check out some funny classic 90's hip hop moves, and then some totally made up moves.

Hey Ho Hey Ho! I dunno about you guys, but I'm totally thinking Will is clearly dominating Jimmy in the swag department. But it gets even better after that! When they get into modern 2014 hip hop moves, they hilariously do "The Carlton" and when Will can't take the twerkin' heat he walks out.

Hey Will- we don't blame you for not wanting to twerk. And the only that could have made this better would be Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro) from Fresh Prince of Bel Air making a cameo, or maybe Miley twerking with Jimmy? But we all know she's busy kicking off her Bangerz tour right now. After the skit, Jimmy admitted rehearsals for that piece were grueling saying, "I was concerned...I go 'this is how I die... that's it, hip hop dancing with Will Smith.'" Well, that wouldn't be so bad would it? Also on the show, some big names made good on their bet to Jimmy. He joked, "To my buddy who said that I'd never be the host of The Tonight Show, and you know who you are, you owe me a hundred bucks." Out came, Robert De Niro with a hundred dollar bill, and then Tina Fey, Mariah Carey, Joan Rivers, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga and more! Must be nice to have some famous friends. For more laughs and giggles check out the new episode of Totally Clevver, where they play some fun games. I'm Misty Kingma this is your music news on Clevver. - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us! - Follow Misty!

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