Let S Watch Epic Rap Battles Of History Martin Luther King Vs Gandhi

Download link: Let's Watch Epic Rap Battles Of History: Martin Luther King Vs Gandhi.mp3

Doggone it! I made a mistake i made this the 40th when I thought this was the 39th Let's Watch ERB! Oh well like i said before: we can't all bat 1.000. however that doesn't mean that I'll postpone the annual 4th winning ERB, No, no, no. I'll keep it going! So once again, it is time for the fourth annual Winning Rap Battle Nomination here are the 7 Nominees this time around.

Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs
Mozart vs Skrillex
Gandalf vs Dumbledore
Oprah vs Ellen
Adam vs Eve
Mr. T vs Mister Rogers
Clint Eastwood vs Bruce Lee

There's plenty of time to vote however the deadline to the 4th annual winning Rap Battle is September 7th so quickly vote, and as always have fun!

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