Clean Season 2 Epic Rap Battles Of History Master Chief Vs Leonidas Full Video

Download (CLEAN) (SEASON 2) Epic Rap Battles Of History - Master Chief Vs Leonidas (FULL VIDEO).mp3

~~~~I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO, IT WAS MADE BY NICEPETER AND ALL CREDIT GOES TO HIM. I just edited it into a clean version for your convenience~~~~

The ads weren't placed on the video by me, they were placed by maker studious, meaning NicePeter and Epiclloyd get the money, even from this video :) So Im comfortable with that lol

Basically Epic Rap Battles of History: Season 2 : Master Chief vs Leonidas
Only the clean version for people who like the clean better. ( I didn't have to do much editing for this one, but just for the people that crave it, here you go, give any and all credit to NP though~)
(SEASON 2) Epic rap battles of history -Master Chief vs Leonidas

I assume NO credit; I just edited the cuss out. I tried to edit them out and keep the music, but it seems it's attached, you can still hear 'em even after the instrumental, and so I just silenced it all together....

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Complete ERB season 1 (clean version) is currently being edited, should be out soon, So check back later.

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