Jigsaw Vs Glados Epic Rap Battle Parodies

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Hello. Welcome to Epic Rap Battle Parodies. This battle features puppet master from the Saw franchise up against the robotic tester from Portal. | | +ERBParodies |

-The ERBParodies Crew

▼ CAST ▼

GLaDOS: WoodenHornets' Mom

Jigsaw: Froggy


Directed by: WoodenHornets & MartinkoMedia
Written by: MaNCHA, WoodenHornets, Froggy, Kevin Krust, Mat4yo and Matthew Thomas
Chiseled by: MaNCHA
Audio Mixed by: WoodenHornets
Beat Produced By: Kustom
Edited by: WoodenHornets
Subtitles by: WoodenHornets
Jigsaw Background By: WoodenHornets
Creative Consultant: Froggy

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for the next ERBParodies.
-The ERBP crew

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