Re Barack Obama Vs Mitt Romney Epic Rap Battles Of History Season 2

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Re: Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney. Epic Rap Battles Of History Season 2
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In today's show we talk about the epic rap battle between Obama and Romney, RayWJ, the future of =3 series, and how Maker Studios is now #1 :)

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------------Start with News in Politics 

Tonight is the last debate! So lets go through the last week's political tweets, articles, and slam! Barak and Mitt go head to head in an epic rap battle

------------ Obama Blasts Romney with Negative Ads

------------ Popular Tweets
692K about the Economy
389K for Healthcare
410K Abortion
192K about welfare

Bindersfullofwomen" which became an overnight sensation on twitter and Facebook, with an fan page "
ther Viral trends 

Space Jump
Space jump becomes most-viewed streaming event ever
Celebrities and Social Media

Rapper Fat Joe is among the 100 million people who've caught the Instagram bug. But rather than snapping photos of sunsets and frilly foods, Fat Joe's got his mind set on Instagramming "hoes".
"dailydot: photographer for the masses, appreciator of the asses"

YouTube Industry Update

Maker Studios ranked #1- Rising above Machinima.

Ray W J - Leaves Maker Studios, what will he do next?

Social Media Tech News
YouTube Analytics tracking the sites most important stat: time watched

Facebook New Algorithm decreases Reach

Possibly then tie in youtube's change "Drastic effects of youtube's redesign"

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